The Ultimate Guide to Using Cedar Granules for Pest Control

The Ultimate Guide to Using Cedar Granules for Pest Control

In today's world, many people are searching for eco-friendly and safe ways to control pests.  Cedar granules  are a natural and powerful choice that could protect your home, pets, and family. This blog will explain what you want to recognize about using cedar granules for pest control.

What Are Cedar Granules?

Cedar granules are small portions of cedar wood recognized for its pest-repelling properties. They come from different cedar bushes like Eastern Red Cedar and Western Red Cedar. Cedar certainly repels bugs because of its scent and oils.

How Do Cedar Granules Work?

Cedar granules  work by way of freeing a heady scent that insects dislike. The oils within the cedar interfere with the insects' natural body chemistry, making it difficult for them to survive. Cedar granules repel pests of ants, moths, fleas, and ticks. Studies have proven that cedar is effective in keeping these pests away.

Benefits of Using Cedar Granules

  • Eco-Friendly: Cedar granules are higher for the environment than chemical insecticides.
  • Safety: They are secure for pets, kids, and adults.
  • Ease of Use: They are clean to apply.
  • Long-Lasting: Cedar granules provide lengthy-term protection in opposition to pests.

How to Use Cedar Granules for Pest Control

  • Indoor Use: Place granules in closets, garage areas, and underneath furnishings to keep indoor pests away.
  • Outdoor Use: Spread granules in gardens, lawns, and the residence perimeter to repel outdoor pests.
  • Frequency and Maintenance: Apply cedar granules every few months for non-stop protection.

Safety Considerations

  • Pet Safety: Cedar granules are safe for pets. They may not harm puppies, cats, or other animals.
  • Family Safety: Cedar granules are non-toxic and safe for youngsters and adults.
  • Allergy Information: Most human beings are not allergic to cedar, however when you have sensitivities, test a small amount first.

Comparing Cedar Granules to Other Pest Control

  • Chemical Pesticides: Cedar granules are a safer and greater natural opportunity to chemical insecticides.
  • Other Natural Methods: Compared to other natural pest controls like diatomaceous earth or critical oils, cedar granules are smooth to apply and powerful.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Over time, cedar granules are value-powerful because they close longer and need much less common application.


Cedar granules  are a secure, natural, and powerful way to hold pests far from home. They are clean to apply, lengthy-lasting, and safe for pets and families. By deciding on cedar granules, you are making a green preference that benefits your own home and the environment. Try cedar granules today and experience a pest-loose domestic. 


Q1: How often should I apply cedar granules?

A: For quality outcomes, practice cedar granules every few months to maintain effective pest manipulation.

Q2: Are cedar granules safe for all pets?

A: Yes, cedar granules are safe for most pets, including puppies and cats. However, continually monitor your pets when introducing any new product.

Q3: Can cedar granules be used in vegetable gardens?

A: Yes, cedar granules can be used around vegetable gardens as they're herbal and non-poisonous.

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