Insect-Free Living| Top Tips with Insect Defence Cedar Granules

Insect-Free Living| Top Tips with Insect Defence Cedar Granules

Keeping your house unfastened from bugs is critical for consolation, fitness, and peace of mind. While there are numerous chemical solutions available, they often include unwanted aspect effects for both people and pets. Enter  Insect Defence Cedar Granules,  a natural, powerful alternative that helps keep pests at bay. 

In this blog, we'll discover the advantages of cedar granules and the percentage top guidelines for their usage of them to hold an insect-unfastened home.

What are Cedar Granules?

Cedar granules are derived from cedar timber, mainly from the  wooden chips  and shavings of the cedar tree. Known for his or her first-rate aroma and natural repellent properties, cedar granules have been used for hundreds of years to beat back diverse bugs.

How Cedar Granules Work

The natural oils in cedar timber, particularly cedrol, and cedrene, are fairly powerful at repelling bugs. These compounds disrupt the pheromone signals of bugs, making your home an uninviting vicinity for pests like moths, cockroaches, ants, and fleas.

Benefits of Using Cedar Granules

Here are some benefits of cedar granules which are listed below:

Health and Safety

One of the most sizable benefits of using cedar granules is that they're non-poisonous and secure for both humans and pets. Unlike chemical repellents, cedar granules do not release dangerous fumes or residues, making them a more healthy desire for your circle of relatives.

Environmental Impact

Cedar granules are green and biodegradable. They are a sustainable choice as they come from renewable assets. Using cedar granules reduces your environmental footprint whilst effectively coping with insect populations in and around your own home.

Top Tips for Using Cedar Granules

Learn how to effectively repel insects by strategically placing  cedar granules , refreshing them regularly, and combining them with other natural repellents for optimal protection.

Home Application

To maximize the effectiveness of cedar granules, sprinkle them in areas in which insects are typically located. This consists of closets, underneath sinks, around baseboards, and in cracks and crevices. For the finest consequences, replace the granules every few months as their efficiency diminishes over the years.

Garden and Outdoor Use

Cedar granules aren't only for indoor use. They work wonders in gardens and outdoor spaces too. Spread them across the perimeter of your private home, in flower beds, and underneath outdoor furniture to create a shielding barrier against pests.

Specific Use Cases

  • Pet Bedding and Animal Habitats: Cedar granules are exquisite to be used in puppy bedding and animal habitats. They assist repel fleas and ticks, imparting extra cushy surroundings to your pets.
  • Storage Areas: Closets, basements, and attics are notorious for attracting insects. Placing cedar granules in those regions can assist prevent infestations and protect your saved objects.

Maintenance and Longevity

Ensure the long-lasting effectiveness of cedar granules by regularly refreshing them and storing unused granules properly.

Refreshing Cedar Granules

Over time, the natural oils in cedar granules will evaporate, decreasing their effectiveness. To preserve their insect-repellent properties, update the granules every few months. You can also give the granules a brief refresh using putting them in direct daylight for a few hours.

Storage Tips

Store unused cedar granules in a hermetic container to keep their efficiency. Keep them in a groovy, dry vicinity till you are equipped to apply them. Proper storage will make sure they remain powerful for destiny programs.

DIY Solutions with Cedar Granules

Get creative by making your own cedar sachets and combining granules with other natural repellents for enhanced insect protection.

Creating Sachets and Pouches

Making your cedar sachets is a laugh and easy DIY task. Fill small material luggage with cedar granules and area them in drawers, closets, and garage containers. These sachets can also be hung in wardrobes to hold garments smelling fresh and bug-loose.

Combining with Other Natural Repellents

Enhance the effectiveness of cedar granules by combining them with different natural repellents like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus oils. This combination now not simplest boosts the insect-repellent houses but also creates a pleasing aroma in your home.


Insect Defence Cedar Granules provide a natural, secure, and powerful answer for keeping your house insect-unfastened. Their fitness advantages, environmental friendliness, and versatility lead them to a remarkable preference for all people looking to avoid harsh chemical compounds. Give cedar granules an attempt to experience the advantages of certainly pest-free dwelling surroundings.


Q: How long do cedar granules final?

A: Cedar granules normally stay powerful for numerous months. It's endorsed to replace them every three to six months to keep their efficiency.

Q: Are cedar granules secure for pets?

A: Yes, cedar granules are non-toxic and safe for pets. They are a superb natural alternative to chemical repellents.

Q: Can I use cedar granules in my garden?

A: Absolutely! Cedar granules are effective in gardens and can assist shield flora from bugs. Spread them around flower beds and garden borders for satisfactory effects.

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